The Key Benefit Why Use Autodesk Inventor

With Autodesk Inventor software, you can easily integrate AutoCAD and 3D data into a single digital model to create a virtual representation of the final product andhelps you realize the benefits of Digital Prototyping by providing direct read and write of native DWG™ files, so there’s no risk of inaccurate translations. Leveraging valuable DWG data with Autodesk Inventor software can help you compete more effectively, service your clients better, and do more in-house.

Streamline Mold Design

The Autodesk Inventor product line includes automated mold design tools that work directly from Inventor 3D models of plastic parts. Powered by Autodesk Moldf tools, Inventor can help to optimize your design for moldability and minimize the number of mold iterations.

Improve Design Communication andCollaboration

Reduce errors and associated engineering change orders before manufacturing by generating manufacturing documentation directly from your validated 3D digital prototype. Inventor offers rapid and accurate output of production-ready drawings directly from the 3D model. Inventor product bundles also include AutoCAD Mechanical software for situations that require a high-productivity 2D mechanical drafting tool.

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