The Keys Benefit†

Reduced Site Rework

  • Higher quality design. The ability to perform multiple design checks across the entire design eliminates errors, and enables 'right-first time' engineering.
  • Accurate materials information eliminates over-ordering and delayson site due to a †lack of required materials or information.

More effective use of globally dispersed design teams

  • PDMS, combined with AVEVA Global, allows geographically separate design teams to work together as though they were in a single office. The environment delivers high performance for the designer, centralised administration, control, and protection from.

Higher Design Efficiency

  • Powerful design applications for each discipline, built upon a highly visual and interactive 3D environment, with a Microsoft Office-style user interface, means that designers can become productive very quickly.
  • High levels of automation, intelligent behaviour and rule-based features deliver increased productivity across all disciplines.
  • The ability to share component information and to reuse design data between projects reduces man-hours and schedule time.

Improved Quality

  • 3D multi-discipline working environment improves communication between teams and facilitates 'right-first-time' design.
  • Clash checking, integrity checking and rule-based checking tools ensure higher quality designs and less rework.
  • Database-driven drawing production achieves consistency between drawings, reports and design data.

Clear Identification of the Cost of Changes

  • Automatic change highlighting options, both in the design database and on drawings, make it easier to identify and communicate change, and to identify the party responsible for any given change.
  • Ability to compare and highlight changes between specific dates, revisions and milestones.

Reduced Schedule Times

  • Reduced site work, concurrent multi-location engineering, higher design efficiency and higher quality all combine to reduce schedule time.
  • Greater ability to react quickly to major project changes, including†the capability to change the project structure during project execution and to dynamically add in new locations or remove existing ones, all protect the project schedule.
  • Effective use can be made of design capability, wherever it exists. Project teams can be quickly assembled and mobilised.

Syllabus for AVEVA PDMS :†NTC