Using Start Up

AutoCad Mechanical Design Concept

Interacting with user interface

Application Menu

Common Drawing Setup

Mechanical Layer and Layer Control

Structuring data in Drawing Reusing and editing structured data

Tools for Creating key Geometry

  • Core design tool
  • Designing with line
  • Power Snap
  • Center Line
  • Construction line
  • Adding standard feature data for hole and slot

Tools for manipulating Geometry

  • Editing tool
  • Power command
  • Associative hide
  • Joint entities
  • Break object
  • Scaling object
  • Power edit


Common drawing setup

Using Unit

Using standard base design

Using workflows reusing data

Using mechanical parts generator

  • Standard part ( Screw Component )
  • Screw Templates
  • Part Representation
  • Chain/ Belt
  • Shaft Generator
  • Standard Shaft Parts
  • Spring

Page Setup Manager

Model page Setup

Layout Page Setup

Modifying and Import Page Setup


  • Scale Areas
  • Named View
  • Viewport Model
  • Viewport Layout
  • Polygonal Viewport

Drawing Sheet

  • Create Drawing Sheet in model space
  • Model space view in layout
  • Annotation view when using structure
  • Title block and drawing borders

Dimensioning and Annotating Drawing

  • Annotation and Symbol
  • Creating and editing dimension
  • Hole chart and fit list
  • Revision list

BOM ( Bill of Material )

  • Part references
  • Bill of material
  • Inserting part list
  • Ballooning part

Create Attributes

Custom Template AutoCAD

Importing Template from another File

Removing mechanical Content


FEA Design analysis and Calculation

Creating Structure Model

Mechanical option for the CAD Manager

  • Standard base design
  • Configure layer
  • Configure the annotation tool
  • Configure component properties, BOM part list and ballon