We are a product training partner for the Bentley Institute

The Bentley Institute advances the infrastructure professions by empowering practitioners, students and academic institutions through continuous learning, scholarships, internships and applied research partnerships.

Learning can be provided online, in the classroom, or in-application and includes publications, webinars, workflow videos, live and on-demand courses, conferences, events, and more.

We are highly qualified to deliver learning opportunities on Bentley’s solutions, for industry and academic users in their designated territory.

As a Bentley Product Training Partner we provide continuous learning opportunities for professionals, supporting career growth and adaptability to the changing needs of their organization and industry.

We also help prepare students with the technology skills needed by industry, so they are better equipped for careers as the world’s future infrastructure professionals.

Take a look at the Bentley Institute Product Training Partner page on the Bentley website

Bentley Product Training :

  • MicroStation
  • AutoPipe
  • StaadPro