V-Ray for form•Z v3.6.1 released

We are excited to announce the latest update to V-Ray for form•Z.
Highlights of this update include:
  • The Materials Parameter palette is significantly more responsive.
  • The environment overrides now offer control for the mapping type (Flat/Cubic/Spherical) as with the background option.
  • A new option “Visible to Camera” has been added to the V-Ray Material Options and the V-Ray Object Options. This option is on by default. When disabled, the object (or objects that use the material in the case of the Material Options) are not rendered. This option is particularly useful for setting up scenes where it is desirable to have specific reflections (in glass windows for example). In this scenario, a “billboard” can be created parallel to the glass containing the desired image to be reflected. Note that by default these objects will cast shadows. Shadow casting can be disabled in the Basic Attributes group.
  • V-Ray Fur tool offers presets for common uses such as grass and carpets.
  • Opening project files that contain V-Ray materials is now faster.
  • The maximum rendering resolution has been increased.
  • Batch rendering with the form•Z Imager is now supported.
  • Animation generation has been improved.
  • The V-Ray libraries have been updated to the latest V-Ray SDK from Chaos Group.
  • Numerous performance and stability enhancements.

More information, visit V-Ray for Form.Z Page.

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