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The Key Benefit Why Use SolidWorks Premium

Ease of use

Reduce design steps through dozens of timesaving innovations. Lessen visual clutter with the Heads-up User Interface, as well as a set of intuitive display and control functions. Robust, context-sensitive tool bars and customizable shortcut menus keep mouse travel and clicks to a minimum.

Design and detail large assemblies faster

SolidWorks Premium is performance tuned to handle your largest designs. With the new and innovative SpeedPak functionality, you can quickly work on assemblies that consist of tens of thousands of part without sacrificing graphic details or drawing accuracy.

SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT™)

Focus on your design, not the design software. Instant3D lets you drag model faces and sketches to create 3D geometry in real time. SketchXpert, FeatureXpert, FilletXpert, DraftXpert, and MateXpert automatically detect and resolve modeling challenges typically encountered by first-time users.   DimXpert automatically creates dimensions and tolerances according to ANSI and ISO standards, and graphically indicates geometry that is under or overdimensioned.

2D drawings

Develop production-quality engineering drawings, including all views, dimensions, tolerances, and bills of materials (BOMs) that automatically update each time you change your design. Completely annotate your drawings with tables, symbols, and automatic balloon notes. An intuitive user interface ensures that both occasional and full-time users can quickly complete fully detailed drawings. Automatic display and grid “snap” of dimensions saves time and improves drawing readability.Compare drawings and automatically highlight differences between versions.

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