What’s New in Podium Browser – May 2018

This month’s featured image is a lovely kitchen render by Lucas Alves. Lucas’ project used the following Podium Browser items to bring the space to life:
Check out several additional renders from this model here, or click below to see images from three more users:
What’s New in Podium Browser
We’ve uploaded nearly 200 new items in May including desk and office assemblies, bookcases, office chairs, kitchen countertops, 2D trees, bedroom assemblies, and additional sofas.
New office and desk assemblies
New executive office chairs
Kitchen countertops:
Bedroom Assemblies:
Additional Sofas and Chairs
2D trees with 30°, 90°, 135°, and 165° angle options:
We have recently added a set of 2D camera-facing trees, taken from four different angles— 30, 90, 135, and 165 degrees. This allows you to use faster-rendering 2D components for off-axis camera perspectives; in an aerial render for example, you would use either the 135°, or 165° option.
Podium Browser paid content is only $59 for a permanent license, and contains over 16,000 render-ready SketchUp components: materials, furniture and appliances, 3D and 2D plants/trees, people, vehicles, thousands of light fixtures and much more.
Get Podium Browser content now
Podium Browser interface changes are coming soon. We are getting ready to roll out an updated version of Podium Browser, which incorporates UI changes to make category browsing faster, and also addresses several nagging issues with the licensing system that we were facing behind-the-scenes.
Podium home office renderNew Podium Browser interace; click to enlarge.


To make the change-over as smooth as possible, the two versions of Podium Browser will exist concurrently at first.

Because of the licensing updates, your current license key will not work in the new version of the plugin — it must be “exchanged” for a new serial number.

A separate email will be sent to all licensed Podium Browser users with instructions for exchanging your current license key for one that will work in the updated plugin.

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