What’s New in SU Podium – May 2018

We really loved this lush, stylish exterior image by Beef Studios! The full resolution version can be seen here, click below to see renders from additional users:
What’s New in SU Podium
AIA 2018 conference banner
SU Podium will occupy Booth 1075 at this year’s AIA Conference in New York City, June 21 – 23!

Location will be in the technology pavilion right across from the SketchUp booth, and always look forward to chatting with any Podium users attending the conference.

No doubt this will be an inspiring convention in one of the world’s great cities, and hope to see you all there!

SketchUp 2018 banner
ProWalker V1.1.5 is out of beta and now available on the download page as a stable release.

  • Shadow / time-lapse animation – ProWalker can now read the date/time from scenes, allowing smooth shadow animation to show passage of time. Shadow animation GIF
  • Light Emitting Material improvements – ProWalker LEM light strength is now roughly equivalent to that of SU Podium, whereas before they were much dimmer. An LEM Strengthslider has also been added, allowing users to make real-time adjustments to LEM power without closing and re-opening ProWalker.
  • Fade and crossfade transitions, more intuitive control over camera speed.
  • Keyframe easing – Camera motion can ease-in and ease-out at the beginning and end of a motion path.

Keyframe Smoothing GIF

And more! Additional information about the new features can be found here.
Download ProWalker GPU v1.1.5 here
Several additional sets of components were uploaded in the past week, including cafe and outdoor seating, bedroom, living-room, and nursery assemblies, Camerich sofas, and vehicles.
New Camerich sectionals
Cafe assemblies
Outdoor patio seating
Additional cars and SUVs
Over 20 new living assemblies
Additional bedroom assemblies
Children’s Nurseries
Podium Browser contains over 16,500 high-quality models: furniture, light fixtures, plants, and more. All pre-configured with SU Podium materials and textures, and redy to render at the click of a button.
Get Podium Browser here

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