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SU Podium for SketchUp

SU Podium V2.5 Plus  is a photorealistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp developed to turn your SketchUp model into a photo-real image with realistic lighting, material properties, reflection, and refraction.

SU Podium V2.5 Plus employs advanced rendering technology but sticks to it’s original intention: To make photo-realistic rendering for SketchUp an easy and rewarding task. The user interface is simply and does not require advanced knowledge of rendering techniques.

  • Raytracing and Global Illumination: SU Podium uses a photon mapping algorithm that provides accurate raytracing and global illumination that yields beautiful, photo-realistic images. Although the user does not have to be aware of what technology is being used, it’s important to note that you can obtain high quality images with realistic reflection and lighting, quickly.
  • Multi-Threading: SU Podium uses multi-threading of your CPU so much of the rendering process will use all your processors (Dual/ Quad/ Eight).
  • Cross-platform accessibility: SU Podium V2.5 Plus also supports 64 bit as well 32 bit, Windows or Mac operating systems, with support for SketchUp 8 thru SketchUp 2016. Over 40,000 licenses have been sold world wide.

SU Podium Features

  • Works inside SketchUp 8, 2018, Make or Pro, Mac or Windows
  • Works with SketchUp textures, sky, background colors, shadows, groups and layers
  • Material properties applied globally to SketchUp textures
  • Automatic material properties for SketchUp standard materials – “render right out of the box”
  • High quality photon mapping/ raytracing engine
  • Advanced Global illumination – 2nd to none
  • Physical sky with depth and turbidity
  • Bump mapping
  • ‘True’ reflection – not fake specularity
  • Refraction and Blurred reflection
  • Blurred refraction for true translucency
  • Light emitting materials
  • Various light source : Omni, Spot, Sun, Sky
  • Caustic reflections
  • Support for color in translucent material
  • Unlimited resolution
  • Multi-processor support
  • SU Podium Browser Free library comes with hundreds of ready made light fixtures and textures
  • Creates 360/180 degrees Panorama-VR rendering
  • No cast shadow option for specific material
  • Podium Image Editor to enhance rendering results
  • 64 bit support for both Windows and Mac

Download 30 Days Trial (for SU 2018)

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SU Podium Live Demo for Company

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SketchUp 2018

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SU Podium released upgrade periodically, this upgrade is free of charge for licensed user. To do clean upgrade, Please uninstall previous versions before install new ones using appropriate Uninstaller.


Podium Browser is a premium component library containing thousands of high-quality models and photo-realistic Podium materials, ready to be rendered in SketchUp using SU Podium.

SU Podium Browser is a growing library of render ready components that can be dragged and dropped into the SketchUp model and then rendered.

  • Podium Browser is automatically installed with SU Podium and provides hundreds of free light fixtures, high resolution textures, 2D face-me plants, trees, and household components.
  • Podium Browser paid content: Podium Browser also has a rapidly growing paid library with thousands of additional components, including advanced 3D plants and trees, a huge selection of light fixtures, advanced Podium Materials and thousands of render ready household items like furniture, bathroom items, exterior items and more. Paid content is continuously added, usually with a few hundred additions per month. You can view the Paid content images in the Browser freely, but you will not be able to “click and drop” Paid content into SketchUp without an active Paid content license.

Panorama feature allows users to render a 360 degree equirectangular panorama, which enables you and your clients to view the final panorama VR in a virtual 360° spherical environment.

The final panorama VR is a HTML (.htm) file that can be viewed in any browser that supports HTML5 such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The Panorama VR HTML file can be sent to your clients via email, hosted on your web site and viewed in an iOS device with the use of Dropbox Public Folder. You can also use thePanorama Server, a free service, that you can upload your Panorama images too and send a URL to your clients. Click Gallery below

Kitchen and living space - Nat Ellis
Boy's Bedroom - Nat Ellis
Open Kitchen - Joe Pretorius
Jelle Segeren - Studio SGRN
Pine Barrens House - Rystog
Kitchen & Dining Room - Joe Pretorius
Start-up Tower - Feature Graphics
Tower Interior - Feature Graphics
Kitchen & Snug - Joe Pretorius
Apartment - Sam
Kitchen - Sam
Bathroom - Sam
A residential panorama tour by Nat Ellis, connecting 12 different views on two floors.

Streamline your Rendering workflow with Podium Server

Podium Server is a stand-alone Windows application that is virtually identical to SU Podium’s Render Manager, but does not require a SketchUp installation to run. Additionally, Podium Server includes functions for batch rendering, and can render Podium Script files remotely over a LAN or wireless network.

Podium Server is meant to be installed on a secondary machine so that your primary workstation is not bogged down while Podium completes rendering calculations. This is an ideal way to offload resource-intensive operations to a designated rendering machine and free up your primary computer for day-to-day work.

Podium Server can process Podium scripts via LAN or Wireless, and therefore can be configured as a central rendering hub for your office, lab, or work environment. Podium Server can be installed on any Windows 7, 8 or 10 machine, and does not require SketchUp. Podium Server is not a SketchUp extension.

  Note: Podium Server is not a cloud-based rendering service. This is a locally installed application.

ProWalker GPU taken the great animation and camera walkthrough tools with SU Podium quality and added a huge upgrade by migrating to NVIDIA Iray.


This means higher quality rendering
  • Iray Photoreal is a high-performance, unbiased path-tracer that generates photorealistic imagery through physically based light interaction.
  • Iray Interactive uses intelligent approximation algorithms to maximize performance and realism while minimizing noise.
  • Denoise uses AI to remove noise during the raytracing process. It will speed rendering of the final image or frame by four or five times.

Immediate Visual Feedback

Progressive pathtracing means you don’t have to wait for a frame to finish to decide whether it looks right. Make changes and watch the viewport update immediately. Then simply let ProWalker refine the image to completion.

GPU Acceleration

Iray harnesses the power of supported NVIDIA graphics cards to accelate the render process.

Please read here for hardware requirements and recommendations for ProWalker GPU.

Comprehensive Material Support

Iray supports all the SU Podium material and surface properties you’re used to; reflection, bump, refraction, light emitting materials in your Podium Walker animations will look better than ever before.

SU Podium V2.5.5 plus with Browser

Rp 1.000.000Rp 12.700.000

SU Podium is rendering plugin for SketchUp. It uses a high-end, biased raytracing engine combined with a physical sky system and a set of carefully calibrated presets to make SketchUp rendering straightforward and enjoyable. Its workflow philosophy has always been to simplify the rendering process, and help you get from SketchUp scene to beautiful photorealistic image as efficiently as possible, and amaze your clients in the process. See examples by yourself to proof it HERE

SU Podium V2.5.5 Plus is for SketchUp  2018/2017/ 2016/ 2015/ 2014 Pro or Make, Windows or Mac.

Including Podium Browser Paid Content to speed up design and setting process.

No Media Kit will be shipped. License and Installer links will be sent to your email.

Please give us information your OS type (Windows or MAC ?) in “order note” when you checkout.

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