Digital Twin is scanned model from real life space or object with embedded information tag, both static and dynamic. It has various purposes, the most popular one is virtual tour.

If your business in real estate , we can build digital twin of your property and embed it to the website, thus visitor can experience the property space without having to come physically.

It has some powerful features :

  • Game like smooth transition : not jump from one point to another like classic virtual tour.
  • Dolly house : 3D scanned object of your property
  • Floor plan : you can view your property from above with labels
  • Measurement : you can measure a distance between two point inside the tour
  • Information tag : enrich the space with some information with text and multimedia.
  • VR Mode : Enjoy Virtual Reality mode with gyro sensor phone and VR glasses.
  • Web compatible : embed digital twins to the website. here is the example


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