V-Ray for SketchUp Update

Update to V-Ray 3.60.03 for SketchUp for more animation options, better VRScene support, and enhancements and bug fixes.

Animation improvements

We’ve changed the way animations are handled internally, enabling more advanced workflows.

New VRScene features

Now, imported VRScene geometry can be clipped, we’ve exposed VRScene animation playback controls, and you can scatter VRScenes with the Skatter plugin for SketchUp.

Release Notes

Optimizations & Workflow Improvements

  • Right-click menu has been implemented for sub-materials (child materials) in a shading network – Cut, Copy, and Paste as Instance any child material to another material input slot. Drag-and-drop option can also be utilized
  • The naming style of the Multi Matte render elements has been changed to be consistent with the saved image file names. Underscores are now used to separate the base name and the ID numbers – MM_r_g_b
  • Imported VRScene geometry can now be clipped
  • VRScene animation playback controls have been exposed. The Offset, Playback Type, Speed, Start, and Length can now be changed if necessary
  • The Multi Matte render element can now be correctly exported to .vrscene file
  • Object IDs in a multi-level scene hierarchy now get inherited the same way materials get inherited. Easily set ID to a top level Group or Component and see it applied to all child objects (which don’t have their own custom IDs specified)
  • Rendering animations without an output image file path specified is now possible
  • The way animation is internally handled has been changed. The Use Camera Path option can now be easily utilized for pre-calculating Irradiance Map for the entire camera path. Animated VRScenes exported from Maya or 3ds Max will now move with a predictable rate. This change also resolves a number of Motion Blur related issues
  • The V-Ray for Sketchup Windows Start Menu folder content has been revisited and reorganized (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Chaos Group\V-Ray for SketchUp)


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • V-Ray AppSDK updated to version 1.24.02
  • Chaos License Server (previously known as V-Ray License Server) updated to version 5.1.1
  • A number of V-Ray for SketchUp startup issues have been resolved
  • V-Ray Fur and Mesh Clipper helper objects located in empty component definitions no longer raise Ruby errors
  • Reverting back to the default render settings no longer brings up the Animation options rollout in projects without a set animation
  • Toon and Two-Sided materials are now automatically bound to the SketchUp material and their textures get displayed in the viewport
  • VRScenes can now be scattered with ‘Skatter’ for SketchUp
  • ‘Skatter’ V-Ray object instances render correctly when the Render Only mode is enabled
  • The Proxy Export UI now shows a progress bar to indicate the ongoing process
  • The Texture Preview for maps using Environment placement has been improved
  • Copy and pasting colors from one Gradient map slot to another now works correctly
  • Unsaved SketchUp projects no longer cause a relative path to be displayed in the Proxy Export window. The full path is used instead
  • Fur and Clippers in empty component definitions no longer cause Ruby errors
  • Applying a Library material directly to the selection no longer causes errors
  • Changing the axes of a SketchUp component no longer leads to incorrect object transformation at render time
  • The Background Environment texture/color multiplier now updates correctly during Interactive Rendering
  • The camera FOV (field of view) is now correctly calculated in scenes where the camera has been modified using the Advanced Camera Tools
  • Infinite Plane material changes now get properly updated during Interactive Rendering
  • A number of issues related to loading/importing .vrmat materials have been resolved
  • Replacing the source object upon Proxy creation now properly names the newly created Multi Material
  • The Apply to Selection material function now works in a more reliable way
  • MacOS: The Proxy Import window issues have been resolved. The browser window now appears and functions as expected
  • MacOS: Purge unused materials no longer causes a crash
  • Changing a Multi Material viewport texture (SketchUp side) no longer prevents it from being purged after its Proxy object has been removed from the project
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