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What’s New in Podium Browser – August 2018

Our featured image is an atmospheric poolside patio created with an HDRI sunset background and Podium Browser light fixtures and LEM lights.

This example was rendered with ProWalker GPU, but the upcoming Podium V2.6 supports image-based lighting via HDRI backgrounds and is scheduled for beta release very soon!

Image breakdown — This image used all the above Podium browser components, and more! Click through below to see additional images from our users:
What’s New in Podium Browser
Podium Browser uploads in August include four residential terrains, 15 lobby assemblies, Japanese living-room arrangements, and additional shelves, tables, light fixtures, rugs, and window components.

19 Lobby assemblies

New residential terrains:

These ready-made residential plots are meant to provide context and atmosphere for both exterior and interior visualization.

Surrounding your building with terrain and foliage assists with reflections in exterior projects, and prevents blank/empty sightlines through the windows in your interior renders.
Japanese living rooms:
Lamps, clocks, and a stool
Coffee tables, sideboards, end tables
Window components
Podium Browser paid content is only Rp. 1.000.000 for a permanent license, and contains over 16,000 render-ready SketchUp components: materials, furniture and appliances, 3D and 2D plants/trees, people, vehicles, thousands of light fixtures and much more.
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