ZWCAD Mechanical and Architecture 2018 SP2 are Now Available

GUANGZHOU, China: May 17, 2018 – Based on ZWCAD 2018 SP2, which made a strong debut last month with a number of important new features, ZWCAD Mechanical and Architecture 2018 SP2 were also released today.


As the applications built on ZWCAD for the AEC and MFG industries, they share the new features of ZWCAD 2018 SP2 (see the previous article to have a detailed review), such as:


DWG/DXF 2018: You can create, open and save any drawing in DWG/DXF 2018.

Dynamic Input: You can specify options and values right away in the tooltips near the cursor.

Hatch with Boundary Grips: You can change the shape of a hatched object anytime since the boundary grips become its built-in part.

Point Filters: You can specify a new coordinate simply by combining the X, Y and Z values of different locations instead of using construction lines.

Three Plotters: You can plot PLT files, EPS files and SVG files with SHPGL/LHPGL Plotters, ZWCAD Virtual Eps Plotter and SVG plotter.


Except for the new features mentioned above, one new command worth mentioning in ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 SP2 is ZWMERASECL. In Mechanical design, a lot of construction lines are always needed when drawing the detailing of various components, in order to secure the precision of the final outcomes. It is annoying to eliminate all the construction lines when you finish your drawing. At this time, ZWMERASECL alleviates your headache by removing them all at once.


Use ZWMERASECL to delete all the construction lines in a second

Figure 1. Use ZWMERASECL to delete all the construction lines in a second


As for the improvements, they are also in line with ZWCAD 2018 SP2. For example, the interface has become more visual-friendly by making the drawing area darker while the menu lighter, helping you distinguish different areas more easily. Besides, functions such as Leader Note, Enhanced Dimensioning, Fillet, Chamfer, Symbol Library have also been further enhanced.


Try ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 SP2 and ZWCAD Architecture 2018 SP2 now for free.

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