ZWCAD 20th Anniversary Promo

To celebrate ZWCAD 20th Anniversary , we have a GREAT DEAL for new customer:

  • 2+1 : Buy 2 new licenses, FREE bonus 1 annual (1 year) licenses
  • 3+3 , 4+4, 5+5, ….

Buy 3 licenses, FREE bonus 3 annual (1 year) licenses

          Buy 4 licenses, FREE bonus 4 annual (1 year) licenses

          Buy 5 licenses, FREE bonus 5 annual (1 year) licenses, etc

The more you buy, the more you get.

The version of bonus is same with the new license purchased. For example if user purchase new license ZWCAD Architecture, they will get free bonus ZWCAD Architecture annual license.

This promo is applied for following products :

  • ZWCAD Standard 2019
  • ZWCAD Professional 2019
  • ZWCAD Architecture 2018 SP2
  • ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 SP2

ZWCAD Architecture and Mechanical 2019 will be released around mid September.

You want more? ….

There is FREE TRAINING for purchasing

  • 6 new licenses or more of ZWCAD Professional/Architecture/Mechanical.
  • 10 new licenses or more of ZWCAD Standard.

Free training is not eligible for Upgrade purchasing.

This promo valid until 24 August 2018

Purchase now from our ZWCAD WEBSTORE 


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